truth College Art Campaign

We're kicking off our first ever truth x Arts college mural program!

Show us what it looks like when your campus goes smoke-free for good. Bring your school spirit in whatever way you'd like-colors, logos, mascots, themes, or slogans. We want to know what you love about your HBCU or community college now and in its smoke-free future, so this art piece can live on to show a commitment to the generation that will end smoking.

Besides dropping some $$$ for the supplies for up to 5 selected schools, we're also going to come by for the amazing unveilings so we can celebrate and help rally the campuses to #FinishIT. We'll also feature our favorite designs on truth's social media channels, so people from all around the country can see the artwork. 

Entering is relatively easy, but all submissions must include the following:

  1. Your school's design, along with a description of the type of structure the art will be painted on. Planning on doing a mural? Great, let us know it's a wall. If you plan on finding a gazebo to paint, we're all in. Just let us know. We like benches, too.

  2. The budget. We'd like to know how much paint/glitter/string/glue/clay/etc. you'd need to execute the project. The total prize amount not to exceed $1,000.

  3. A letter of support/permission from your school administration. Please don't go painting walls without permission. That never ends well.


Deadline is February 15th, 2017. Final decisions will be made by February 25th, 2017. Art projects will be executed April - May 2017

Sound reasonable? Great. Submit your idea to See the official contest rules and application forms here.

Check out the murals below for inspiration!