The Background

Living in today’s world isn’t easy. Between a looming pandemic and uncertainty about the future, many young people are struggling with feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. In an effort to cope with the pressure, many have turned to vaping, not realizing that nicotine can actually make some mental health symptoms worse. 

Why the misconception? Following in Big Tobacco’s footsteps, some vape companies have promoted their products as tools for stress relief – which isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, research shows that nicotine in vapes can *amplify* feelings of depression and anxiety. 

This is why we’re reclaiming our mental health and taking a stand against profit-hungry vape companies that targeted our generation with potentially harmful, addictive products.


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Reclaim Your Breath

Self-care can be a powerful form of activism in the fight against the harmful impacts of addiction.

Learning to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression can be tough, but when we prioritize our mental health and encourage others to do the same, we elevate and empower each other to take control and create change.

It is for this reason that we believe self-care can be a powerful form of activism, defiance, and even protest, especially when it comes to standing against the vaping industry whose predatory tactics and products have negatively impacted our generation’s physical and mental health.

Take a breath and join the fight. 

We've partnered with Breathwrk to create a custom breathing exercise that can be used to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and stay energized. Take the breath every day, share with friends, or gather people together in person to take the breath.

Hit play. Breathe. Repeat. 


What else are you doing to care for your mental health? Share on your social channels with the hashtag #IAmHere. And don’t forget to tag @truthorange so we can follow along.

Demand Action

Decision makers must act to protect our generation’s mental health.

Decision makers take many forms – school administrators, community leaders, elected officials – but wherever they are and whatever their sphere of influence, it is critical to get them on our side in the fight to protect our generation’s mental health from profit-hungry vape companies. 

By putting pressure on decision makers to take action and recognize vaping nicotine as a mental health issue, we’re underscoring the importance of mental health, emphasizing how vape products can impact our wellbeing, and ensuring our voices are heard at the highest levels. In this case, we’ve got our sights set on the Biden Administration – specifically the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra.

Tweet directly to Secretary Becerra, and urge him to join us in creating real change in the fight for our mental health. The tweet is already written – all you have to do is click and post.


Moment of Action: Mental Health

On April 27th people from across the country took action to reclaim their mental health and took a collective breath. You can take a Moment of Action for mental health anytime by sharing the breathing exercise or organizing a group of friends to take a breath. Our collective action will demonstrate to the White House, and all decision makers, that we will stop at nothing to protect our mental health.

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