Let's be the generation to Finish It


We're not here to criticize your choices, or tell you not to smoke. We're here to arm everyone – smokers and non-smokers – with the tools to make change.


We’ve always been about exposing Big Tobacco’s lies and manipulation. And while they keep adapting their tactics, we keep it real.


This isn't about throwing stones at smokers. It's about finding and turbo-charging new fun ways to do what no generation has ever done before - end smoking.


We're about getting the real facts in front of as many people as we can. What, you thought we call ourselves truth because we just like the way it sounds?

New Rules

Big Tobacco is constantly evolving their game plan. We need to constantly evolve ours. We are a generation with new beliefs and new ideas. Let's get creative.

We're counting on you

Less than 6% of teens still smoke. Finishing the job will come down to you. Be creative. Enlist friends. Spread truth. Tell us what you need to Finish It.

Power in numbers

The power comes from you. All of you. Together, we are bigger, louder, and more powerful than Big Tobacco.

Cigarette use is on the decline

23% 17% 13% 11% 5%

of teens

2000 2003 2009 2012 Today

Where Facts Come From

Sometimes, when two facts love each other very much … No. Wait. Wrong talk. Our facts come from the best of the best. Check out the Fact page, where the sources are listed right there with the info.


Pets who live in homes with smokers are 2x more likely to die of cancer. We love dogs. We love cats. We’re fairly neutral on snakes, but lizards are awesome. Overall, you can say we’re HUGE animal people. Which is why we’re not just here to make big changes in the human world—we gotta take care of the animal kingdom, too.

Get Help Quitting

truth focuses on spreading awareness and inspiring action in the fight to end smoking. But if you're looking for some help on how to quit, hit up our friends at This is Quitting on your Android or iPhone.