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There’s a whole community learning how to quit vaping, one step at a time. Start here for tips, and remember the This is Quitting text-based program is always there for on-demand support for dealing with cravings. 

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McCalls's Story

McCall started vaping nicotine her freshman year of high school. After four years of being addicted, she made the decision to quit. It wasn’t easy—even McCall wasn’t convinced she could actually quit—but she did it. Now, she’s been nicotine-free for over a year.

“My dream for my future is taking care of my body and my mind, and nicotine just isn’t a part of that story.”

Watch to see how quitting nicotine gave McCall the confidence to accomplish anything.



Dyshere's Story

Dyshere often turned to nicotine to help him through tough times, but he learned the hard way that vaping nicotine can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health. 

In fact, some vapes can expose you to toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, like formaldehyde. Researchers are still learning about the long-term health effects e-cigarettes may have.

“When I’m not vaping, I feel much more empowered and like I have the driver’s wheel in my own life.”

Watch the episode to hear Dyshere’s quitting story and how quitting has given him a more optimistic outlook on life.


Will and Josh's Story

“I feel so happy I made this choice and got to go on this journey with my partner. When I’m not vaping, I feel like my best self.” -Josh

For Josh and Will, being able to lean on each other for support was key to successfully quitting vaping. 

“I know now that I don’t need nicotine to get through my day. I can focus on healthy outlets to cope with stress like meditating, deep breathing, or just being present with friends and loved ones.” -Will

Watch the episode to hear how quitting empowered Will and Josh to take back control and prioritize their mental health.


Cristina's Story

Cristina, a 23-year-old longboarder, sewer, and songwriter, realized her vaping addiction was not only draining her bank account, it was affecting her health. After three years, she was ready to give it up for good.

While quitting wasn’t without its obstacles, the experience left Cristina feeling more determined and optimistic than ever: “The overall goal of not hindering my mental health, my physical health, my career… it can be hard sometimes, but the future is gonna be great.”

Watch the episode to find out how vaping affected Cristina’s mental health and what she did to successfully quit.


"Take it day by day and breathe, don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you got." - TIQ User

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