The Problem

Vaping + Tobacco: Environmental Threats

Nearly a million tons of cigarette butts make their way into the environment each year, and vape waste is only making the problem worse. Because e-cigarettes can contain toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and residual nicotine, their waste could be an even more serious threat to our water, air, and land.

In short, tobacco and vape trash isn’t just litter––it’s toxic waste. These industries are creating tons of harmful waste and are doing little to clean up their mess, so we're taking action. You can help any time by getting out and cleaning cigarette butts and vape waste from your public spaces.

girls doing a cleanup

Take Action: Host a Clean Up

Take action any time by heading out in your community to clean up tobacco and vape waste. You can do this solo or gather a group of friends to collect even more waste. Get a free truth cleanup kit (*while supplies last), head out and do a cleanup, and then tell us what you did. Every piece of waste collected helps the environment and every story told empowers more people to do a cleanup.
Get a Kit and Host a Cleanup

Apply to be a truth® Ambassador!

We’re seeking passionate, committed leaders who want to drive change with truth and are eager to amplify our efforts focusing on cessation, policy, and partnerships. The truth® Ambassador program is a year-long leadership opportunity where you will collaborate with our team to recruit peers, share stories on tobacco control issues, and advocate to decision-makers at all levels to foster tobacco and vape-free communities. Application closes 11:59PM EST 5/24/2024.
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