Victoria Drops the Vape

Can Victoria be successful in her journey to stop vaping? We think so.

Tosha Goes Vape-Free

Tosha takes it upon himself to stop vaping for good.

Follow Jerry's Quitting Journey

Jerry Purpdrank has made the decision to quit vaping once and for all. This is his story.

Should You Check Out This Is Quitting?

If you're not sure if you *need* to quit vaping, check out this quiz to see if This is Quitting is right for you.

This Is Quitting

Asking for support can feel tricky. Quitting seems like an isolating experience at times, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s basically why This is Quitting exists: We’re bringing together a community of almost 250,000 members to help each other and share ideas, recommendations, tips, advice, and encouragement for your quit. 


Breathwrk X truth

Science Backed Breathing Exercises

We’ve partnered with Breathwrk on three custom breathing exercises designed to help you relieve anxiety, strengthen your lungs, and even ease cravings while trying to quit vaping.

Learn and feel the power of breathing with guided exercises that are backed by science and research. 

Thinking About Quitting Vaping?

We’ve seen (and heard) pretty much everything there is to see (or hear) about quitting vaping, from the people who keep cinnamon sticks with them so they have a “replacement” on hand to the people who use NRT (like nicotine gum) to the person who screamed into their freezer any time they had a nicotine craving. Whatever works, right? If you're looking for advice we've got you.

Join This Is Quitting

Quitting doesn’t have to be a solo journey. With This is Quitting — the first-ever text-to-quit vaping service — the help and support you need is just a text away.

Need Help Quitting? Join This Is Quitting Today.
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