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Meet Christina

Name: Cristina Punzo 

Lives in: Nashville, Tennessee

Quit date: December 17, 2020

Most creative way to beat a craving? My most creative way to beat a craving is to get lost in what I love; because then I forget about everything else. I’ll usually write a song or start a sewing project.

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday? The best way to spend a Saturday is either with good company, or by myself. I love being alone because then I have full control over what I wanna do. I usually wake up; make some coffee, and take it with me while I longboard. Then, I take a shower, make some breakfast and head to goodwill to find fabrics to start a clothing project. After that, I usually have a burst of creativity. I go back and forth between the sewing machine, piano and guitar based on whatever’s going on in my head. After I’ve been productive with that, I call the people I love to see if they want to hangout. 

What do you want people to know about you? I want people to know that I am just a 23 year old girl who’s still figuring it all out. I mean we all are. But above everything else, I want to end the negative stigma surrounding mental health and make it an open topic of conversation. 




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