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Kendall, from Raleigh, NC, started vaping as a freshman in high school. Trips to the bathroom to get a nicotine fix—both during and between classes—were part of her daily routine. Soon, the cravings were so bad, she couldn’t go longer than 30 minutes without her vape. 

The realization that she was addicted to nicotine—and that it was impacting her mental health—hit her hard. 


“I noticed really big changes in my mental health the week before I quit. I was in this crazy depressive rut. Then, I quit, and it slowly fizzled away.”

Social pressure, cravings, and triggers were constant challenges throughout the quitting process, but Kendall was able to find healthy ways to cope. Simple things like chewing gum or sucking on a mint helped ease sudden cravings and kept her on track to quit.


“I used to be a very, very anxious person, and it was really weird to kind of feel it leave your body. I’ve been so much more calm and in tune with myself now that I don’t vape.”

It’s been a bumpy road, but now that vaping nicotine is no longer her top priority, Kendall has made time for new things that make her feel happy and fulfilled. For anyone else struggling to quit, Kendall has this piece of advice:


“If you set your mind to quitting and feel the need to quit, it will happen. It’s not as scary as you think it is.

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