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When Sophia started vaping, she didn’t see it as dangerous or even addictive, but after three months, she knew something was up. Sophia began feeling pain in her throat and lymph nodes, and her compulsive need to vape was worse than ever. 

Getting support and forming new, healthy habits – like drinking lots of water and journaling – helped her overcome her nicotine addiction and ultimately quit vaping.

“If you’re struggling to quit vaping, just know that once you make it out the other side, you’re free from it, once and for all.”

Watch the episode to learn more about Sophia’s battle with vaping and how quitting helped improve her overall health.


How to Quit Vaping

There’s a whole community learning how to quit vaping, one step at a time. Check out all of our real-life quitting stories and start here for tips. Remember the This is Quitting text-based program is always there for on-demand support for dealing with cravings.