How does vaping impact stress and depression?

Nearly everyone has experienced stress, anxiety, or depression at one point or another. According to Pew Research, 70% of young people said anxiety and depression were a major problem among their peers — a phenomenon made worse by the arrival of Covid-19.

With the world in flux and lives turned upside down, many began vaping as a way to cope with a new reality where isolation and uncertainty were the norm. Little did we know that the “solution” could be making the root problem worse.

Recent studies reveal a troubling link between vaping nicotine and mental health. In fact, the nicotine in vapes can worsen anxiety symptoms and amplify feelings of depression. 

Scroll for more information on vaping nicotine and mental health, important resources to help you cope with stress and anxiety, and stories from real people who’ve quit.


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Mental Health Resources

Feeling sad, stressed, or anxious? Get help now.

Vaping nicotine can worsen anxiety symptoms and amplify feelings of depression. If you’re feeling sad, stressed, or anxious, we have the resources to help – from vaping facts and quitting support to important hotlines and Breathwrk breathing exercises for relieving stress and anxiety.

Let's Call a Vape What It Is.

Depression Stick isn’t your average vape company, starting with the fact that it’s 100% fake. So why create a bogus e-cigarette company? To answer an important question: If people knew that vaping nicotine can worsen anxiety and amplify feelings of depression, would they agree to advertise, sell, promote, or lobby for vape companies?

Depression Stick

Depression Stick is the latest vape product on the market, and you might be surprised by the creators behind it.

Stories from real people who’ve quit

Many e-cigarette users began vaping as a way to cope with their stress and anxiety. Little did they know, the nicotine in their vapes was actually making their symptoms worse. Hear stories from real people, like Benedte and Tyson, who’ve experienced the negative impacts of vaping on their mental health.

Self-care Quiz

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