After the FDA rejected JUUL’s plea to stay on the market, the e-cigarette company hit back with an appeal, which temporarily blocks the ban and allows JUUL to continue selling vape products… for now.

It’s no surprise that JUUL, like its predecessor Big Tobacco, has found a way to avoid facing consequences. Regardless, the FDA’s action is still a huge move to hold the e-cigarette giant accountable for its role in the teen vaping epidemic — a move only made possible by young leaders and activists working hard to spread the truth about JUUL.

JUUL spent years targeting teens with youth-oriented ads, flavored products, and after-school programs, all the while pocketing billions in profits. Even as the evidence stacked against them, JUUL continued to downplay and deny its role in putting millions of teens at risk of nicotine addiction. 

To everyone who took action and put in the hard work to get us this far, thank you. You made your voice heard, and decision makers listened. But the fight to protect our generation from the harmful impacts of vaping and nicotine addiction is ongoing.


 Let’s keep the pressure on and see this thing through to the end.

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This is the beginning of the end for JUUL.

JUUL may have found a way to avoid facing consequences for now, but we’re keeping the pressure on decision makers to hold them accountable for their role in the teen vaping epidemic.