The tools for creating music can be expensive, and more and more school music programs are getting cut. We’re not okay with music education ending with the flutophone, which is why we collaborated with the amazing Epiphone to create a custom guitar. 

truth x Epiphone is a way to ensure music creation isn’t limited to people who were born in school districts with robust music programs. Or born into a family performing group. Or have a crazy-rich aunt who likes buying violas as gifts. Or a crazy, rich aunt who likes buying violas as gifts. (Important distinction.) So, like, a really solid portion of the country.

There are decades of songs that call for changes in the world. And we’re hoping by getting these custom guitars into the hands of students in areas disproportionately targeted by Big Tobacco, like Warren Central HS in Indianapolis, we’ll continue the trend and can build on it for a long time. Music is powerful, and we want to be sure everyone has a voice to call out the bullshit they see and inspire the generation to end smoking for good. 

Warren Central isn’t the only school getting guitar love. Check out a few of the other schools receiving guitars:

  • Murphy High School - Mobile, AL
  • Hall High School - Little Rock, AR
  • Coretta Scott King Women’s Leadership Academy - Atlanta, GA
  • Ben Davis High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • Irvington Preparatory Academy - Indianapolis, IN
  • Pike High School - Indianapolis, IN
  • Logan County High School - Logan County, KY
  • Benjamin Franklin High School - New Orleans, LA
  • Mumford High School - Detroit, MI
  • East Technical High School - Cleveland, OH
  • U.S. Grant High School - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Hunters Lane High School - Nashville, TN
  • McGavock High School - Nashville, TN
  • Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School - Nashville, TN
  • Greenbrier East High School - Lewisburg, WV
  • Lincoln County High School - Hamlin, WV