Let’s end the epidemic

Know More: Every 11 minutes someone in America dies from an opioid overdose.

We are truth

We believe in taking on things that impact lives and making big changes in the world. While we’ve always been (and still are) about exposing Big Tobacco’s lies and manipulation, it’s time we took on another health crisis: The opioid epidemic.

Power in numbers

We partnered with the Office of National Drug Control Policy—the people who work to reduce drug use and increase access to prevention, treatment and recovery services on a federal level and evaluate, coordinate, and oversee international and U.S. anti-drug efforts. They’re fancy. And we partnered with the Ad Council—the people working to improve public life—also a fancy group. But that’s just the beginning, and it’s only getting more gussied up: The real power comes from you. Together, we can end the opioid epidemic.

We speak in facts

The opioid epidemic is responsible for more than 130 overdose deaths every day. That’s 130 too many. We feel responsible for getting the real facts in front of as many people as we can to help change minds and save lives. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and we’re not okay letting it go unchecked. We’re not called truth because it sounds nice.

We have resources

While this is a new area for truth, we did our homework and showed up ready to answer the important questions. Lists of questions you should be asking your doctor, treatment options, facilities that can help you or a friend with an opioid addiction and general ways to find support have been put together by the experts. You can find resources here.

For even more about truth, we have information here.