According to a survey from the American Psychology Association, Gen Z adults reported higher levels of stress than any other generation. Considering that the brain is still maturing until the age of 25, this is especially critical.

There is good news, though. The coping mechanisms people can use to break nicotine addiction are the same coping mechanisms that provide other benefits well into adulthood. Walking and other physical activity is associated with a plethora of benefits, like better anxiety management, better quality of sleep, and a reduced risk of depression.

“Quitting can actually empower you to tackle new challenges and cope with stress and negative emotions in a better way” 

Watch the science explainer video to learn more about how vaping nicotine takes a toll on mental health.

There’s a whole community learning how to quit vaping, one step at a time. Check out all of our real-life quitting stories and start here for tips. Remember the This is Quitting text-based program is always there for on-demand support for dealing with cravings.


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