If you started vaping to help you cope with stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. In fact, 81% of e-cigarette users began vaping for the same reason. However, the nicotine in vapes actually can have the opposite effect: it can worsen anxiety and amplify feelings of depression.  

It’s never a good feeling to find out that the “solution” can make the root issue worse, but here’s the good news: quitting nicotine can lead to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Recent studies suggest that quitting nicotine may even have as strong an impact on your mental health as taking antidepressants.

Here’s the reality: Quitting vaping is hard, but hearing from others who’ve been where you are can help you feel a little less alone in the journey. Hear real stories from people like Tyson and Mady, who overcame their nicotine addiction and made it through to the other side.

Bryan's Story teaser image.

Bryan's Story

For Bryan, vaping started as a social thing at parties. Eventually, he realized that nicotine was controlling his emotions more than he realized.

Mady’s Story

When Mady realized how much vaping nicotine was impacting her mental health, she knew it was time to give it up. “Vaping caused me the most amount of anxiety in my life. Without vaping, I feel extremely optimistic and hopeful for my future.” Watch to hear more of Mady’s story.

Young man talks about vaping nicotine and his mental health.

Parker's Story

While many see vaping as a way to relieve stress, the nicotine in vapes can actually worsen anxiety symptoms and amplify feelings of depression. For Parker, it wasn’t until he tried to quit that he realized vaping nicotine was impacting his mental health. 

Juliuss's Story

Vaping nicotine became Juliuss’ go-to coping mechanism for his anxiety, only to realize later it was actually making him feel worse. “I felt very much on edge.” 

Quitting vaping was a challenge, but getting through it made Juliuss more confident than ever. “It makes me feel like I can truly do anything I’ve set my mind to.” 

Benedte's Story

Benedte put vaping before everything. It became an all-consuming addiction that left her feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. “I decided I needed to get a grip on my life and quit vaping completely.” Learn more about Benedte’s battle with vaping nicotine and how quitting helped improve her mental health.

Tyson’s Story

Tyson thought vaping would help relieve his stress and anxiety, but it made them worse instead. “Looking back, I know nicotine affected my mental health and my strength.” Watch to learn more about Tyson’s experience with vaping and how quitting helped ease his anxiety and improve his mental health.


"Take it day by day and breathe, don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you got." - TIQ User

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