"My anxiety has been a lot better after quitting vaping. I feel happier and more energetic and less anxious all of the time." - Kayla

This is a place for your stories.

We can talk about facts all day, every day (and we do, tbh), but there’s always someone who’s like, “this is____!” Fill in that blank however you’d like. We’ve heard it all: Wrong. Stupid. Weird. The same thing my Uncle Chet said. BS. 

And since 81% of e-cigarette users started vaping to decrease stress, anxiety and depression, we can assume there will be at least a few people who’ll balk at the fact that vaping nicotine can amplify feelings of anxiety and depression. We get it. It’s never a good feeling when the “solution” is making the root issue worse. 

So we turned to you. (The collective you, although maybe you directly, too.) We asked how vaping impacted your mental health. Because no matter how many times you read a fact, sometimes a first-hand account is helpful. 

Benedte's Story

Benedte put vaping before everything. It became an all-consuming addiction that left her feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. “I decided I needed to get a grip on my life and quit vaping completely.” Learn more about Benedte’s battle with vaping nicotine and how quitting helped improve her mental health.

Tyson’s Story

Tyson thought vaping would help relieve his stress and anxiety, but it made them worse instead. “Looking back, I know nicotine affected my mental health and my strength.” Watch to learn more about Tyson’s experience with vaping and how quitting helped ease his anxiety and improve his mental health.


Enable's Story

Enable, a former gamer and content creator, began vaping as a way to cope with the anxiety he experienced while competing, but it had the opposite effect. “I became addicted without realizing all the negative side effects.”

Watch the video to hear more about Enable’s experience with vaping nicotine, as well as the advice he has for those looking to quit.


NowThis x truth

81% of e-cigarette users started vaping to help them cope with their stress, anxiety, and depression, but it turns out vaping can actually make them worse. Watch as four former vapers talk about their experiences with vaping and how it impacted their mental health.

"Take it day by day and breathe, don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can with what you got." - TIQ User

We also asked This is Quitting users for their advice.

Quitting seems like an isolating experience at times, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s basically why This is Quitting exists: We’re bringing together a community of almost 250,000 members to help each other and share ideas, recommendations, tips, advice, and encouragement for your quit.