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In an effort to market to African Americans in the 80s, one tobacco company said their brand "must be seen as authentic" and "not as a big white company's tactic to sell to blacks."

Source: "Salem Black Initiative Program Brand Team Ideation Session." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 03 Aug. 1989. Report.

As long ago as 1969, a tobacco company executive stated that they had "taken a great many steps to avoid advertising directed to young people." Yet 10 years later, they supplied their products to be featured in The Muppet Movie.

Source: Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. American Tobacco Collection. July 22, 1969. Page: 82 of 197 in PDF. Document Type: Congressional Testimony, Legal Bates Number: 968062385/2581

In 1953, Phillip Morris advertised their cigarettes as "the cigarette that takes the FEAR out of smoking."

Source: "The Cigarette that Takes the Fear out of Smoking. Call for Philip Morris." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents, 1953. Advertisement.

Nearly 90% of African American smokers use menthols.

Source: Truth Initiative, Menthol Fact Sheet. December 2018.

Nearly 95% of regular smokers start by the age of 21.

Source: The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress: A Report of the Surgeon General. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (US) Office on Smoking and Health. Atlanta (GA): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US); 2014.

48.4% of middle school smokers and 54% of high school smokers smoke menthols.

Source: Truth Initiative, Menthol Fact Sheet. December 2018.

In 1988, one tobacco company brainstormed the idea of a colored cigarette to "enhance wardrobe."

Source: "Attachment #1. Flavor Division Planning Meeting March 25, 1988 (880325)." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents, 25 Mar. 1988. Agenda.

Big Tobacco spent more than 71% of their marketing budget, over $6bil, to make cigarettes cheaper in 2017.

Source: Federal Trade Commission. Smokeless Tobacco Report for 2017. Retrieved from Published February, 2019.

1 JUUL pod = 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine

Source: *Claim from JUUL's website. JUULpod Basics. JUUL.

In the 50’s, Big Tobacco went into low-income neighborhoods and housing projects to hand out free cigarettes. Some went to children as young as 9 years old.

Source: WILLIE EVANS v. LORILLARD TOBACCO COMPANY. Superior Court of Massachusetts, County. WILLIE EVANS, as Executor of the Estate of Marie R. Evans, Plaintiff v. LORILLARD TOBACCO COMPANY, Defendant ; CIVIL ACTION NO: 2004–2840–B ; September 01, 2011

In the past, Big Tobacco has compared the addictiveness of cigarettes with M&M's.

Source: "The State of Minnesota By Hubert H. Humphrey, III, Its Attorney General, vs. Philip Morris Incorporated. Deposition of Calude E. Teague, Jr. With Exhibits 1088-1100 Plus Exhibit A." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 08 Jul. 1997. Deposition.

In 1997, a Big Tobacco executive once said, under oath, that he believed Gummy Bears were addictive like cigarettes.

Source: "Norma R. Broin, et al., Plaintiffs, Vs. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., Defendants. Case No. 91-49738 CA 22. Howard A. Engle, M.D., et al., Plaintiffs, Vs. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Etc., et al., Defendants. Case No. 94-08273 CA 20." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 17 Apr. 1997. Deposition.