We have an important job to do.

This year, 24 million Gen Z voters will be able to vote in the presidential election. And for the first time ever, the Millennial and Gen Z share of the electorate will surpass that of the Silent Generation. We have an opportunity to be heard and start shaping the type of future that works for us. Sitting this moment out is not an option. 

Get started with TurboVote.

TurboVote is making it easy to register and create a plan to vote. They’ll help you understand the key dates and deadlines in your state, the items that’ll be on your ballot, and even some troubleshooting tips for the day of. We teamed up with them to ensure as many Gen Z and Millennial voters are registered in time to vote this year. Get started here.

Make a plan.

A few quick tips for making a plan to vote: Decide whether you’ll vote in person (wearing a mask, of course) or by mail; If you’re able to in your state, vote early; Make sure you know what will be on your ballot -- hint: it likely won’t just be the two presidential candidates. 

Let’s do this.