1. Are you funded by Big Tobacco, and what's up with that?

truth is funded by The American Legacy Foundation – an independent, public health organization created in 1999 as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA).

Basically, 46 states, the District of Columbia and 5 U.S. territories got together and sued the major tobacco companies to try to recover some of the billions of dollars spent caring for sick smokers. The tobacco companies settled out of court, signing an agreement to pay the states a certain amount of money, and the states then funded The American Legacy Foundation with a very small portion of that money.

The American Legacy Foundation, which provides strategic direction and funding for the truth campaign, received in 2003 what is likely its final payment to the National Public Education Fund established by the Master Settlement Agreement. Despite its success, the truth campaign now faces an unprecedented funding challenge.

2. Where do you get your facts?

We get our facts from respected data sources and organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We also have access, as does all the public, to a huge library of Big Tobacco documents, which tobacco companies had to disclose as result of the Master Settlement Agreement.

We may have some fun along the way, but we try never to add opinions or tell anyone what to do with the information we supply.

3. How do I obtain copies of one of your ads?

You can check those out on any one of our project pages, as well as on our YouTube page.

4. Can I “share” truth® stuff with my friends?

Yes. Almost anything on this site is shareable with social media buttons throughout thetruth.com.

5. How can I get some truth® apparel?

Stop by one of our big orange trucks. We have all kinds of free hats, T-shirts and other gear. You can usually find us on the hottest tours nationwide. Like Vans Warped Tour, Uproar, Six Flags, your local skate park and other cool spots.

Sometimes there are other opportunities to score apparel – so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

But if you were thinking you could get some gear online, sorry, we don’t currently have an online store selling our apparel.

6. How can I join the truth® tour?

Thanks for your interest in truth and what we do. It’s good to know people want to represent us around the nation.

We begin recruiting in the spring. Check the home page for our truth tour rider application. Or if you can’t wait for more info, send us an e-mail.

7. How can I get involved? Are there any volunteer opportunities?

So you want to help us spread the truth on the disease and death Big Tobacco’s products have caused? Do you want to counteract the billions of dollars the tobacco industry spends every year marketing their products? Great, we have a couple ways you can get involved. You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Did you find something particularly interesting or shocking? Share it, tweet it, or comment on it. truth is contagious.

If you’ve shared everything we have to share and still ask yourself, ‘what more can I do in my community?,’ contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the right people.

8. Where can I find information/help on quitting smoking?

truth® focuses on delivering facts for youth tobacco prevention. But if you’re looking for help on how to quit, our friends at the EX® campaign can help.

9. I have an idea for an ad, how can I submit it?

We’re really glad you’re into what we’ve got to say. Unfortunately, truth’s got this policy not to accept or consider creative, production-related, or other materials of any kind through the site unless we’ve asked for them. So please make sure you protect your ideas and be careful where you send them. If you do show them to us, they won’t be treated as confidential and proprietary, and we’ll be able to freely use them without compensation or payment of any kind to you.

Take a look at the “Terms of Service” for more fun, easy-to-read legal details about this policy.

Please understand, we’re not out to take anyone’s ideas. This policy is just something we’ve got to follow. Think of it as a legal mini-bike helmet – it’s smelly, confining, and makes you look like a big melon head. But it’s better than brain surgery.

10. Where can I donate to the truth®?

To donate, visit our YouTube page. (And THANKS!) There are other ways to contribute besides cash though. If you want to help out or get involved just ask, we’d love to hear from you.

11. What are the requirements to play our mobile games?

Well, first, you need a smartphone or tablet. Here are the MINIMUM requirements for our games:

iOS: iPhone 4, iPod Touch – 4th generation (except Graffiti Collective), iPad 2

Android: A device with a higher chipset (Snapdragon 2 and/or Tegra 2) running at least Android version 2.2 or 4

If you have anything better or newer than what’s listed above, you should be good to go. Problems? Please let us know.

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