For every college campus to go 100% smoke-free, of course. Yeah, we know it’s ambitious. But that’s what truth is about. Go big or go home, right?

The X IT OUT Rally will help us reach our goal by bringing attention to the number of people who die every day from secondhand smoke… which is 112. And you know what? That’s 112 too many. So we need your help. Join colleges and universities across the nation, and host a silent rally on your campus to support smoke-free policies. That’s right. Silent rally. We know, it’s like jumbo shrimp. But just like jumbo shrimp, it works. And don’t worry, we’ve spelled it allllll out for you below.



  • Find a location. Find a spot on your campus that's safe for a bunch of silent people to hang out for 112 minutes. You know, somewhere that doesn't have heavy machinery, or electrical equipment in close proximity to pools of water. Somewhere you want to be for every second of the 112 minutes this silent rally lasts without breaking the silence to complain about your blisters, Karen. Hush.
  • Pick a time. Make sure you pick a time when campus is full of people who would be surprised and interested in a giant group of people being very quiet and not at all suspicious.
  • Choose how to protest. Are you going to stand in one place or march or dance or eat pizza? Whatever you do, make sure you’re getting a LOT of attention. Get X IT OUT bandanas for your rally by emailing xitout@thetruth.com with your deets. 
  • Get some help. This isn’t a solo mission. You’re gonna want some help. So find people and organizations on campus you can lend a hand… or two… or 50.
  • Get permission. You may need a permit for the rally. This’ll depend on your school’s rules, so don’t forget to check in with them waaayyyy before the event to make sure you’ve got the green light.


The rally is silent. Promoting it shouldn’t be. So use whatever you can to get the word out, including horns. But besides that, we suggest:

  • Social media: Share the event on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever social media you are using to invite people to your rally and get the word out. And don't forget to post about it on your school's accounts too. We have created a sample post and image for you to use!
    • Secondhand smoking kills 112 people each DAY. And you know what? That’s 112 too many. It’s time to X-OUT smoking on college campuses—join colleges and universities across the nation for the #XitOut Rally on Oct. 29. Get involved now: thetruth.com/XITOUT  

  • Flyer: We created an awesome flyer for you to use. So print ‘em out, and hang ‘em up anywhere and everywhere that’ll get people’s attention on your campus.
    • Download the flyer here
  • Partners: Join forces with your partners and collaborators (and allll the other people helping you out) to talk up the rally.


  • DO keep your mouth shut. It’s a silent protest after all, and you can make a lot of noise without saying a word.
  • DON’T ruin anyone’s day. Be considerate of people and surrounding areas. Basically, don’t be a d*ck.
  • DON’T break the law. Use your brain cells. All of them. This should go without saying, but we’re saying it, and we’re going to say it again: Don’t break the law.

With you on our side, smoking doesn’t stand a chance. So let’s stand (and shut up) together. Let’s X IT OUT.

We want to hear about everything you’re doing in the fight to end tobacco. And we mean everything—so tell us about it.


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