Watch as Jerry starts his journey to quit vaping by announcing to his followers that he’ll be quitting live on social media. It’s a big first step, one he hopes will lead to a much healthier lifestyle. So stay tuned to watch how it plays out. You got this Jerry.

It’s always great when a friend checks in to see how you are doing. After the first week, Christian Delgrosso drops in to see how Jerry is feeling so far in his quitting journey.  

@Jerrypurkdrank shows us that each week of the quitting journey has its own challenges, but if you hang in there, it gets better. 

Halfway there is halfway done. @Jerrypurpdrank holds a halftime celebration to celebrate 4 weeks of no vaping.

No one quits alone. Watch as @jerrypurpdrank responds to @king_victober as they compare their quitting journeys.

Jerry is in his fourth week of quitting vaping and starting to feel the stress sneak up on him again. So where does he turn for help? Right back to where it started, This Is Quitting.

As Jerry goes about his day, he’s greeted with the welcome sight of texts from This Is Quitting. Each one real advice from real people quitting vaping.

No matter where he goes or what he is doing, Jerry  constantly has the support of This Is Quitting in his pocket. As you can see, ain’t nothing wrong with a little encouragement every now and then.




With This is Quitting — the first-ever text-to-quit vaping service — the help and support you need is just a text away.

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