Hello fellow Earthlings, this is the future calling.

The year 2518 to be exact. We hope this message finds you better than it leaves us, for the world is under siege. The butt invasion has begun.

Even right now, as you read this, cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. They’re actively leaking toxins and spreading their doom. But that’s only the beginning. In the future, OUR future, they’re attempting to take over completely. And if sentient cigarette butts hellbent on world domination wasn’t weird enough, they’ve also got an evil leader; Sir Cig.

Sir Cig wants his regime to reign supreme. He’s given the marching orders to his toxic minions to spread their filth far and wide, from the earth to the oceans, and everything in between. He’s well on his way to turning our world into an apocalyptic wasteland.

We fear doom and destruction is imminent. And we need your help.

For those of us in the future, it's too late to stop them. But in sending this message, we hope you can help prevent our shared assured demise by stopping the butts before they get too far. Save YOUR butt from the butt invasion. Don’t litter cigarette butts—all our futures depend on it.