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Give us your take – why do you think JUUL should be held accountable?

For their shady past marketing tactics? Or teaming up with Big Tobacco despite saying they definitely were "not Big Tobacco?" Or helping cause a full-on vaping epidemic? Or... ok, you get it.

The Background

Even as the evidence stacks against them, JUUL continues to stick to their same old lame story about how they "never intended" for teens to use their products. Well, if only that were enough to fix the problem... but it's not.

Regardless of what their intentions were or are, a large number of teens now use JUUL. And no one — not even JUUL — knows its long term effects. Bottom line: They irresponsibly advertised a product without knowing what it would do to people's health, and they have to face the consequences.  

JUUL is finally being held accountable for their actions. And we're here for it. But we need your help to keep the pressure mounting.

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I have a medical condition that makes it very dangerous to smoke, vape, or do any kinds of drugs but I am still exposed to so much because of all the second hand smoke around me. People are killing themselves while hurting others...and they are killing themselves. There is a teenage boy currently fighting for his life, hooked up to machines that breathe and pump blood for him, because vaping chemically burned the insides of his lungs rendering them useless! Please take care of yourselves and stop now! To those who promoted this product towards teens: “Look at the damage you have done! Where does it end? Stop now!”
I think juul should be held accountable because no one knows the long term affect of it and it could possibly be dangerous and harmful for kids teen and adults this i do not want to lose loved ones over this product that is why i want juul to be stopped.
Alannah, Franklinton, Louisiana
i think that juuls should be banned because they cause health problems and since they are new, doctors dont know exactly how to cure vape/juul derived illnesses.
julia, dayton, ohio
JUUL is making it easier for teens to want their product. They have so many flavors, JUUL really shouldn't be advertising as much as it is to kids and teens, and for that JUUL is accountable.
Murium, Melvindale, Michigan
I think JUUL is responsible because they are creating addictive products that they don't even know the effects of.
Anna Lauren Thompson, Malvern, Arkansas
My friend is currently vaping JUUL. At first it was to handle her grandmas death but now she does it to escape class. She got her JUUL and flavor pack from her older brother and since then she'd be sitting there in the class for 15 minutes then ask to go to the bathroom. Everyday. Sometimes at the beginning of class. Her mood drifted a bit and I really don't want her to be addicted but I'm afraid she might. I want to help her
Jaida, Huntsville, AL
I have never been so addicted to something. I recently quit and can finally breathe clearly again. It's a struggle to get over the addiction but it is so worth it!
julie covell, Plainville, Massachusetts