Even as the evidence stacks against them, JUUL continues to stick to their same old lame story about how they "never intended" for teens to use their products. Well, if only that were enough to fix that problem...but it's not. Regardless of what their intentions were or are, a large number of teens now use JUUL.

Fortunately, JUUL is finally being held accountable for their actions. And we're here for it. But we need your help to keep the pressure mounting. Host a #DITCHJUUL Rally on your campus or in your community to call JUUL out and arm people with the facts to fight the vaping epidemic.

How to Get Started.

Before the Rally
  • Set a date. Pick a day, time, and location for the meeting. Think about your audience and what will work best for their schedules. Because the whole point is for people to show up. Speaking of...
  • Get people there. Your goal is to have at least 10 attendees, but we know you can get more. Think about the best ways to reach out to people and invite them to the meeting. Be sure to include the event details like the date, time, and location. Email, call, text, snapchat — we'll leave it to you to decide.
  • Follow up. Reach out to everyone a day or two before the meeting to make sure they're still coming.
At the Rally
  • Keep track of attendees. Have a sign in sheet at the event so you know who showed up and how many of them plan on participating in your #DITCHJUUL Rally.
  • Get everyone up to speed. Start the meeting by giving the audience a quick intro to what the rally is about and why you are planning the event. Feel free to use the first paragraph of this guide to help get everything rolling.
  • Set a date (during the week of October 9). Think about your audience and what will work best for their schedules. You'll want to pick a time when people can let loose and have some fun for a while — not when they're having to rush to their next class.
  • Pick a location for the rally. You're going to want to get the attention of as many people as possible. So pick a place with a lot of foot traffic could — be the cafeteria, campus, gym, student union or whatever the most crowed place on your campus or community is. 
  • Assemble your dream team. For your #DITCHJUUL Rally event to go off without a hitch, you're going to need a team of dedicated people to help you out. Be sure to download the full on-the-ground guide for the breakdown of these roles.
  • Get your creative juices flowing. Your rally can be small and mighty, or you can really blow this thing out. You could host a pep rally with the band and mascot. Or hand out pizza at the student union while the step team performs. Or give out candy during lunchtime and take pictures with animal costumes...It's totally up to you and your team. But whatever you do, make sure you get a LOT of attention.
  • Get permission. You may need a permit for the rally. This'll depend on your location, but be sure to figure this out waaayyyy before the rally to make sure you've got the green light.

Day of Rally Checklist

Day of the Event
  • Bring your resources. Print your protest signs below! You can also find them in the downloadable #DITCHJUUL Action guide.


Be the early bird. Get to the event location early so you've got some extra time to get organized and welcome your friends and volunteers when they show up.

  • Don't be shy. There will no doubt be people walking by and wondering what the heck you're up to — talk to them! 
  • Capture the moment. Make sure your photographer takes photos of literally everything. And we mean everything — the team, your signs, the truth® get the idea.

Spread the Word

Share your event on social. Use Facebook, Insta, or Snapchat to invite people to your rally and get the word out. And if you can, get someone to post about it on your school's accounts too.

During and after the event, share the photos using the social copy below (just copy and paste):

  • Option 1: FACT: No one knows the long-term effects of JUULing — not even @JUULvapor, which is super messed up. Don't let them get away with it #DITCHJUUL
  • Option 2: FACT: If you vape, you're 4x more likely to start smoking cigarettes. #DITCHJUUL and don't let them get away with what they've done.
  • Option 3: Lives are at stake! Time to end the vaping epidemic. I support the @WhiteHouse's ban on flavored e-cigs. #DITCHJUUL

Rules of the Road

The Do's and Dont's"

When it comes to smoking prevention, truth doesn't hate. We instigate. We're not here to criticize or preach. We're here to arm everyone — smokers and non-smokers alike — with the tools to make change.  Here are a few rules to keep you on the right track:

  1. Focus on the facts. Truthful statements where the "facts speak for themselves" are the best approach. And we've given you tons of facts — use them.
  2. Don't get personal. Focus on business and commercial matters. Don't criticize individuals' or companies' moral qualities or comment on individuals' personal lifestyles. Stick to the high road.
  3. Keep it clean. Avoid inappropriate mages and overly negative language nothing profane, vulgar, abusive, malicious (you get the idea). And steer clear of words like "lie," "liar," and any other term that suggests the untruthfulness was intentional.
  4. Be smart. This may be a given, but don't do anything dumb, like vandalize property. It's lame, and it'll completely undermine everything you're trying to do, so just don't.
  5. Be respectful People might find your protest annoying, and that's ok. If you're asked by an employee, manager, or security officer to leave, just do it. There's no need to get yourself or your teamin trouble causing a scene. 


Lastly, a Few Reminders...

  • Have fun. Year, it seems obvious, and maybe a bit corny, but we mean it - you put in a lot of hard work to make this happen, so remember to slow down a bit and enjoy it.
  • REPORT BACK. Putting on an event is no small task so take a second to brag on yourself. Send us some pics and let us know how the event went by filing out the form on our report back page.