Now is the time for action. Spread the truth about vaping companies like JUUL.


JUUL just announced that they’re pulling flavored products off of their shelves for good -- except mint and menthol.

They may want us to celebrate this step, but mint and menthol are among the most popular flavors for young people. We also know that the tobacco industry used menthol flavored cigarettes to target black smokers for decades. Continuing to sell these flavors while discontinuing the rest is simply not going to cut it.

Share now to tell the White House that you support a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes. Leaving mint and menthol out is unacceptable.

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When we say we want flavors banned, we mean ALL flavors. JUUL’s decision to leave mint and menthol on the shelves is unacceptable. Take a stand now and ban flavored e-cigs @WhiteHouse #DITCHJUUL


It's critical now — more than ever— that we take serious action to combat the vaping epidemic.

The White House plans to ban flavored e-cigs, and lawmakers are still on JUUL's case. But with vaping still on the rise, and lives at stake, we cannot let up. You've got a huge opportunity to turn up the heat and spread the truth about vaping companies like JUUL. Now is the time for action.

Take the fight to social and make your voice heard. 

Feel like sending your own message to JUUL?

Go for it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when posting:

  • Don't get personal. Focus on what really matters. Don't criticize individuals' or companies' moral qualities or comment on individuals' personal lifestyles. Stick to the issue no need to get petty.
  • Keep it classy. Steer clear of inappropriate images and overly negative language nothing profane, vulgar, abusive, malicious. Stay on the high road.
  • Focus on the facts. Truthful statements where the "facts speak for themselves" are the best approach. We've got a ton of vaping-related facts at -- feel free to use them.

Don't forget to report back! Take a screenshot of your post, and upload it to our report back page to get credit for taking action.

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