Looking back on some of our teenage decisions can feel like a giant facepalm.

Between ill-advised haircuts and posting ~emotional~ lyrics on social media, it’s safe to say we wouldn’t revisit most of our teen choices.

Luckily, those types of decisions don’t usually stick with you past high school. But the decision to pick up smoking as a teenager could actually rewire (or alter) your brain. Which is why we’re super passionate about raising the legal buying age for tobacco to 21.

You’re more likely to form a nicotine addiction if you start smoking in your teen years than later on in adulthood.

And right now, 95% of smokers had already picked up the habit by age 21. Which means the decision to smoke as a teenager not only sticks with you well past the cringeworthy years, but can impact your health and quality of life wayyy after you’re done signing yearbooks.


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“Teenage decisions should be embarrassing — not deadly. Since teenagers are more likely to develop a nicotine addiction than adults, it’s more important than ever to raise the legal buying age for tobacco to 21. #Cringeworthy21 @truthorange.



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