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Unlike other products, the tobacco industry doesn't need to list ingredients on the label.

Source: "Smoking and Tobacco Control." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD. Risks Associated with Smoking Cigarettes with Low Machine-Measured Yields of Tar and Nicotine. 19 Nov. 2001: 175.

As late as 1999, tobacco companies placed in-store advertising signage at a child's eye level.

Source: "Point-of-Purchase Tobacco Environments and Variation by Store Type --- United States, 1999." CDC. 08 March 2002. 51(09): 184-7. Web.

In a file from 1978, Big Tobacco described cancer as "an essential ingredient of life." Wait, they're talking about cancer, right?

Source: "A Public Relations Strategy for the Tobacco Advisory Council Appraisal & Proposals Prepared by Campbell-Johnson Ltd." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 20 Nov. 1978. Report.

In 1989, one tobacco company's ideas for reaching minority customers included to "be seen as a friend," "build on black history," and "help them find jobs."

Source: "Salem Black Initiative Program Brand Team Ideation Session." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 03 Aug. 1989. Report.

Big Tobacco companies give price discounts, place ads inside and outside of convenience stores, and even offer incentives for retailers to encourage them to keep selling their products

Source: ChangeLabSolutions: Point of Sale Playbook: POLICY OPTIONS TO REGULATE THE SALE AND MARKETING OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS, 2016. http://www.changelabsolutions.org/sites/default/ files/Point_of_Sale_Playbook_FINAL_20160105.pdf

Young adults report seeing heavier advertising for tobacco at the point-of-sale than on any other advertsiting platform 

Source: Center for Public Health Systems Science. Point-of-Sale Report to the Nation: The Tobacco Retail and Policy Landscape, 2014. https://cphss.wustl.edu/Products/ ProductsDocuments/ASPiRE_2016_ReportToTheNation.pdf

In 1997, one tobacco company CEO said he would probably "instantly" shut his doors "to get a better hold on things" if it were proved to his satisfaction that smoking causes cancer. That same company now admits on their website that smoking causes cancer, but they're still open for business.

Source: "In the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court in and for Palm Beach County, Florida Case No. CL 95-1466 AH The State of Florida, et al., Plaintiff, Vs. The American Tobacco Company, et al., Defendants. Deposition of Geoffrey C. Bible Taken at the Instance of Plaintiffs." Truth Tobacco Industry Documents. 21 Aug. 1997. Deposition.

One cigarette company biologically engineered tobacco plants to have twice the normal level of nicotine.

Source: "A Report of the Surgeon General." U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health. Other Effects. 2004: 616. Report.