Your fave band is in town and the full crew is ready to take over the front row. Where can we find ya?

Catching beads of sweat off the lead singer
Picking dust off grandma’s couch cushions
Lint rolling the cat
Cleaning records in my by one.

Your go-to sneaker designer just dropped a limited edition pair, and the whole squad is making a trip to the mall. Do you join?

Nope. Gotta scrub Dad’s stinky old sandals
Too pricey. I’ll be @ home in slippers
No way I’m missing that!
Can’t. The piggy bank’s empty

A jumbo-sized water slide is coming to your city for one day only, and your friends are DEF getting tickets. You in on it?

I wish. I wonder if I know anyone with a waterbed
I’ll make my own in the tub at home
No but maybe they won't notice if i tag myself in the pics

It’s Taco Tuesday, so tacos are happening. Are you...

Wondering if taco emojis are scratch n sniff :(
Accidentally starting a fire in my parents kitchen
Heating up leftovers again… is that mold?
First in line at the taco truck