Questival X truth

24 hours. Close friends. And the biggest, most unpredictable city scavenger hunt you’ve ever seen.

Questival packs a whole heap of adventure into one non-stop race to conquer your city. From rock climbing and kayaking to push-ups with strangers and outlandish selfies, this race puts your creativity to the test. And truth will be dipping our toes into some of the madness this year.

We couldn’t be more excited—Questival is part of Cotopaxi and Cotopaxi is pretty badass. Their motto is, simply, “Do Good,” and unsurprisingly you can find them out, in the world, doing good stuff for the environment and bringing positive changes to the world. Which is why we’re thrilllllllled Cotopaxi wants to help us be the generation to end smoking, while we help them do more good.

Oh, and we ALSO partnered with amazing artist Kevin Lyons to make a super limited edition, completely awesome truth x Cotopaxi Luzon bag available only at the Philly Questival or at

We’ll be there. It’ll be ridiculous.

Check out Questival & come find us at one of the dates below.


Past Dates

COLUMBUS, OH Sep 29, 2017
KNOXVILLE, TN Oct 6, 2017
NEW YORK CITY, NY Oct 13, 2017
BURLINGTON, VT Oct 20, 2017

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