High School Nation

truth’s throwing a dance party & you’re invited.

truth partnered with High School Nation, a traveling music and arts festival, to bring a gigantic dance party to high schools all around the country. With performers like the Plain White T’s, Trevor Jackson and Kaya Stewart, there’s no excuse to stand still.

Check out the dates below. If we're coming to your school, get ready...it's going to go down. Oh, and stop by the truth truck for some SWEET FREE merch. 

Past Dates

Los Angeles, CA Mar 18, 2019
Los Angeles, CA Mar 19, 2019
Los Angeles, CA Mar 20, 2019
Los Angeles, CA Mar 21, 2019
Los Angeles, CA Mar 22, 2019


Seattle, WA Apr 22, 2019
Seattle, WA Apr 23, 2019
Seattle, WA Apr 24, 2019
Seattle, WA Apr 25, 2019
Seattle, WA Apr 26, 2019

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