Chris' Story

Chris first experimented with prescription opioids as a teen, when he discovered a bottle of pills in his mom’s medicine cabinet. He continued to experiment and use throughout his teens.

So years later, when Chris got hurt on the job while working as a plumber’s apprentice, his doctor wrote him a prescription for opioids—the drug he had experimented with as a teen.

Soon after he left the hospital and finished his prescription, withdrawal consumed him and he struggled to function in all areas of his life. Chris isn’t alone in his experience. In fact, opioid dependence can happen after just five days.

Chris knew the only way to get more pills was with a prescription, so he took matters into his own hands. One day at work, he waited until he was alone, and then deliberately smashed his arm and hand in a door.

Thankfully, Chris is in recovery and has begun to rebuild his life and career. He bravely shares his story with us and hopes it will serve as a warning on just how easy and life-altering prescription opioid addiction can be.