Merch for Masks

Let us send you our extra merch as fabric to use for face masks.

***UPDATE*** We are blown away by the response to this ask! After receiving 3,000 submissions for unused merch, we unfortunately have to close the form. Everyone who has already submitted will receive their merch pieces shortly. Thanks for being the best community EVER ️️️🧡🧡🧡 We knew we could count on you.

    Like most of you, our summer plans looked pretty different a few weeks ago. We figured we'd be off on our tour, meeting and hanging with hundreds of you and handing out our custom merch along the way.

    Obviously, that's no longer the case. But we can't just let our unused merch sit in boxes – it deserves to be seen! We know many of you have been sewing or otherwise creating masks in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Whether you're making them for yourself, friends and family, or donating to healthcare facilities, we think it's pretty damn heroic to use your time, creativity, and resources to help out. 

    Let us make it easier for you to keep doing good. We'll send anyone in the continental US five tees from our merch line that you can use as extra fabric for making masks. Steph, a member of our summer tour team, has been making some already and they look pretty great. You can follow the pattern that she used by clicking this link (or try this one or this no-sew version). We'll be donating every mask she makes.


    1. Fill out the form below with your name and shipping information.
    2. Shirts will ship out on May 8, so expect them a few days after that. The deadline to submit the form below is Wednesday, May 6. (buttt we're out now!)
    3. If you post pictures of your masks on social, be sure to tag us at @truthorange! 

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