Truth Beast

Want to know your Truth beast? Answer a few [slightly boring] research questions about smoking and we'll tell ya.

It's okay to smoke socially when I'm out with my friends.

I want my generation to be known as the one that ends smoking.

Smoking is a way for me to express myself.

I like brands that are well known and trusted

It only gets worse from here. Promise.

To answer the next few questions, tap a point on the line that best describes your deepest feels. The scale starts at kiiiind of agree and ends at DEFINITELY disagree.

I have strong opinions that cannot be influenced

I am easily swayed by others

I am only one person and do not have the ability to make changes in the world

I believe in my ability to make important changes in the world

Authority is there to maintain rules and keep things stable, should not be challenged

It is important for people my age to challenge authority when necessary

I care deeply what others think of what I do

If I believe in something, I'll do it regardless of what others think

I feel like I need to try and be someone else when I am around my friends

I feel like I can really be myself in front of my friends

I would ask someone out even if I think they might say no

I will not ask someone out if I think I will get rejected

The worst question yet!

Do you want to give us your phone number so we can text you about all the truth beasts you could've been (and other stuff)?


You, my friend, are a dolphin with an impressive VHS collection and a mild obsession with t-shirts from 1997 concerts. Especially if it's a vintage Hanson shirt. you feel the mmmm-bop spirit radiating through it the way your spirit radiates into every room you float into. You're the life of this party. You don't understand when people say they're bored. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DOOOOO. Jam on, sea mammal.