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Caught in a Stress Loop?

You can break free.

Get Support

Vaping nicotine can make stress feel worse. Yet, some vape companies get rich telling you it relieves stress… at the expense of your mental health.

So the thing you
think is helping…

can actually make
you feel worse.

By offering nicotine as
a "stress reliever"
vaping companies can
get you stuck in a loop:

Take the first step toward better mental health.

Ditch Your Vape

And don’t let vape companies get rich off your stress.

This Is Quitting logo

If you vape, “This Is Quitting” is a 24/7 support network that can help with all the challenges that come with quitting.

And even if you
don’t vape

We’re here for you, offering resources for anyone struggling with stress and anxiety.

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Learn More

Let’s take a stand

Get vaping nicotine recognized as a national mental health issue.

Get Involved

Need extra

Connect with a trained
crisis counselor:
call 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or text “Home” to 741-741.

If you feel you are in imminent danger, call 911.

When you vape nicotine to help your stress you can end up feeling more stressed.

Putting you right back where you started.