You’re animal people too, right?


By now, most of us know that Big Tobacco makes products that kill people. Cigarettes are deadly, addictive, and produce harmful effects through secondhand smoke. But here’s something about cigarettes you may not have known: they kill pets, too.

You’ve probably seen our video about cats. If not, consider checking it out. But we get it – not everyone is a cat person. So, what do you love?


Dogs, like cats, are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes. Some dogs are at a higher risk for nasal tumors from inhaling secondhand smoke, but if you’re a smoker and happen to be reading this: please don’t think your pet is safe if you tend to sneak puffs on the patio or only smoke when you’re away from home. Why? Because smokers actually emit toxins from their hair and clothes. So when you snuggle, scratch and play with your pet, your dog is picking up some of those toxins.


Rabbits, too. They’re more likely to develop heart problems if their owner smokes. So whether you consider your rabbit to be of the fluffy or ferocious variety, we’re pretty sure you’ve got a lot of love for that little guy. And we want it to keep loving you back – with a strong, healthy heart.


Even birds! Birds can get lung cancer, too. And – you guessed it – secondhand smoke has been associated with lung cancer in birds. Not much to chirp about there.

So. When we say we want to be the generation to #FinishIt and end smoking for good, we’re not just doing it for ourselves. We’re not even just doing it for the cat videos. We’re doing it because cigarettes cause our pets and other animals to suffer, too. And as lovers of our four-legged friends and the viral videos that they produce, a world without them just doesn’t work for us.

Got all that? Take the quiz and test your knowledge on pets and tobacco.

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