Big Tobacco has been targeting low-income neighborhoods for decades. They’re still up to it.

Smoking rates are the lowest they’ve ever been.

Of course, that’s unless you’re poor. Recent trends have shown that while many Americans have quit, smoking rates among poor, uneducated, and rural Americans haven’t seen the same drop off.

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It’s no secret that, historically, Big Tobacco has targeted some of the most vulnerable Americans — including the poor.

In the past, Big Tobacco gave away cigarettes to kids in poor neighborhoods. And industry documents even revealed that they proposed targeting low-income women by giving out cigarette coupons with food stamps. And they’re still targeting low-income communities today. 

Cigarette companies spend almost ALL their marketing budget on discounting cigarettes.

Which… might seem like a nice thing for Big Tobacco to do. Until you think about the fact that tobacco products are the only legal consumer product that kills people when used as intended. Or the fact that low-income smokers are more likely to quit smoking when cigarette prices increase.

Thnx for the discounts, BT.  

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We can be the generation that ends smoking for good. 

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