The Internet is fueled by cat videos. And because cigarettes can kill cats, too, we’re FREAKING OUT. And you should, too.  

Cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes

Twice as likely!

And for all the smoking cat owners out there who are relatively unconcerned because they’re not, like, blowing cigarette smoke in their cat’s face or anything, we have news for you:

It doesn’t really matter.

Well. Okay. It does. Blowing smoke in a cat’s face would be a jerk move and we’re all glad nobody’s doing that. Right? Right.

But here’s the thing: Not only do cats who live in homes with smokers potentially breathe smoke-filled air if/when their owner smokes in the same room, cats are also excellent at sprawling out on the couch, the chairs, or, later (because their owners are not blowing smoke in their cat’s face RIGHT RIGHT RIIIIIIIGHT), in the incredibly comfortable lap of a smoker (all laps are comfy, cats told us so), and all these things have toxic particles present from tobacco smoke.

Even if a smoker smokes in a different room, or not at home, their cat isn’t safe

Smokers actually emit toxins from their hair and clothes. So their cat’s fur is picking up toxic particles left over from cigarettes. Cats are fantastic at grooming themselves. Unfortunately, that means they’re ingesting all those toxins they picked up. Ingesting toxins is not a good thing.

In fact, we’re sure they’d say it’s …meowful.

So, let’s treat our snuggly four-legged best friends like real best friends and help #FinishIT for good. Prevent #CATmageddon.

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