Tell Walgreens CEO: Tobacco Doesn’t Belong in Pharmacies

Send Walgreens’ CEO a message he won’t be able to ignore. There’s a pre-recorded voicemail ready for you in case finding the right words trips you up. All you have to do is call 1-866-290-6087.

The pressure is on for Walgreens to take tobacco off its shelves. Deadly products don’t belong at pharmacies, and to make things even worse, Walgreens is the top violator among pharmacies when it comes to underage tobacco sales.

Five senators just came together to say to Walgreens: it’s time to put “children over profits.” The clock is ticking and we’re all waiting to see when Walgreens will finally take action and put the health of its customers first.

We know leaving a voicemail in 2019 is some scary sh*t, but saving lives is a pretty good reason to do it. Even if this is the only phone call you make this month.

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Deadly products don't belong on pharmacy shelves.