truth Truck Experience

Hot. Sweaty. Mess. But, like, in the best way. Visit truth on tour.

We’ll be throwing one long party this summer at the truth truck, traveling from city to city with a DJ, games, photo booth and free merch. That’s right: Free. Merch. And all you have to do is commit to six to ten years of unwavering loyalty to truth. 

Just kidding. We’re out to have fun, not to preach, lecture or give anyone undeserved side-eye. Stop by and dance, sweat in the summer sun, get a photo with friends and maybe you’ll leave with a bunch of warm-fuzzies in your heart. Or just a new shirt. Either way, you win. And we get you on board to be the generation to end smoking for good. Sound good? Cool. See you there.

High School Nation

truth’s throwing a dance party & you’re invited.

Smoking = No Cat Videos?

We wish we were kidding you, but cigarettes harm cats. Test your knowledge.