truth x BIGS

Sunflower seeds. For the love of your taste buds.

FACT: Smoking kills your taste buds. 

Which is a huge bummer! Not just because tasting food is awesome. But also because, without taste buds, you won’t be able to enjoy our latest partnership with BIGS Sunflower Seeds. And this is something you definitely don’t want to miss. 

We’ve partnered with BIGS to create custom truth sunflower seed packs, and we’re handing them out allllll summer long. Each pack is either Ranch, Dill Pickle, or Bacon flavored, and completely freakin’ delicious. 

Try them for yourself at all of our Vans Warped Tour stops, Nitro Circus, Minor League Baseball games, or High School Nation. And be sure to keep up with us on social @truthorange and @bigs_seeds  to find out where they might land next. 

High School Nation

truth’s throwing a dance party & you’re invited.

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