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Quitting, like anything else worth doing, can be tough, and for a lot of reasons, too. You may worry about social anxiety, stress, or even failure – but give yourself some credit.

Even *considering* quitting vaping is a great first step, and This Is Quitting – a free, anonymous, text-to-quit vaping program – can help keep you on track.


Ready to Get Started?

Whether this is your first attempt at quitting or not, keep going. You’ve got this.

Set a quit date with This is Quitting or on your phone calendar. And consider finding others going through the experience – it helps reassure you that you’re not alone (because you aren’t!).

Think about the positives. Quitting nicotine has nearly immediate health – and financial – benefits. Because nicotine can worsen anxiety symptoms, putting down the vape can actually help with anxiety and stress relief. Plus, your bank account will thank you. 

Prepare for your quit by having things nearby to occupy your hands – This is Quitting users have used everything from fidget spinners to water bottles. Have a list of distractions at the ready for getting through cravings, like taking a quick walk, chewing gum, or drawing. And pick up NRT (like gum or a patch) so you have it nearby if you need it.

Celebrate your wins. Small victories build into larger ones. Maybe it’s buying yourself something you’ve had your eye on, or eating a cupcake. Have a list of rewards or treats for yourself so you know you have something to look forward to as a motivator. 

Keep going! Sometimes it feels hard. Sometimes you feel like you’re failing. You’re not doing it wrong. As long as you keep trying, you’re doing great. 


Looking for support?

Quitting can often feel like an isolating experience, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Confiding in people you trust is a great way to ensure you’ll keep going.

Plus, This is Quitting has a built-in support system of successful quitters--people just like you who’ve been where you are, and can offer ideas, encouragement, tips, and tricks for getting through stressful situations, cravings, and slips without getting totally derailed or demotivated.

And it works – a clinical trial found that people who used This Is Quitting increased their quit rate by nearly 40%