Even a grass-fed, cage-free, all-natural, non-GMO, counter-culture, anti-mainstream, batch-raised, hand-roasted, locally-sourced cigarette dressed in a stocking cap and flannel with a thin little mustache is still deadly. Seems weird we have to say it, but, uh, we do.

Turns out, nearly 64% of people who smoke Natural American Spirit cigarettes think they’re smoking something less harmful than other cigarettes. But there’s literally no evidence that supports their beliefs. Organic or not, they’re just as harmful. No additives in your cigarette does not = not addictive, not deadly or not harmful.

THEN we saw this article about a cigarillo company going after people who love yoga, and, according to the founder of the company, “eat kale and shop at Whole Foods.”

We repeat: All cigarettes are bad for you.

But, hey, if you think organic cigarettes are better, or taking a few vitamins or going for a jog or avoiding cake is going to undo the damage of smoking, you’re not alone.

There was a whole study done on beliefs people have about minimizing the harm from cigarettes.

So look: It’s not a trade-off: gluten or cigarettes. Or a drink vs. a cigarette. It’s not a one-for-one swap. We’re not telling you to eat a plate of cookies followed by an all-you-can-eat pasta bar and then see how many boxes of wine (or two-liters of pop/soda) you can get through. That’s obviously not healthy.  

But smoking even one cigarette a day damages vital organs. That’s right: Vital. Organs. Key word there: Vital. You need these. Cigarettes are deadly, addictive products in a way that can’t be “balanced out” by eating some kale. And no matter how much we’d like it to be true, we can’t undo damage to our vital body parts by sipping on an antioxidant-laden mixed-berry smoothie.