You did it. You gave up vaping for good.

Now, there’s only one thing left to do:

Join the #THISISQUITTING TikTok Challenge and hit "The Swap!"

All you've gotta do is hold out a vape — or type "vape" if you've already ditched yours — and switch it out with one of your favorite things.

This is your chance to get creative and send a message to e-cig companies like JUUL — the same companies that profited off of a vaping epidemic they fueled.

So blow off some steam, have a little fun, and don't hold back.

A few things to remember

  • Tag #ThisIsQuitting
  • Feature yourself and friends in the footage – we’d love to see their reactions!
  • Be smart and safe. Don't do anything that would be dangerous to yourself, others or property.
  • Follow TikTok community guidelines, here.
  • Be yourself. We want your authentic opinion, stance, and vibe. This is about sending a message that JUUL’s addictive products are no longer welcome.
  • Get creative! There’s tons of ways to ditch your JUUL. Show us what you got.
  • Say bye to your JUUL...safely. JUULs and their pods should be recycled with other e-waste. (Quick tip: Check with your local waste management company and follow their guidelines.)
  • Steal/snatch a vape from a friend/anyone.
  • Post any images of other people without their consent.
  • Include recognizable logos, buildings or signs in your film or on your clothing.
  • Depict anything untrue or that puts an individual or company in a negative light.
  • Use guns, violent weapons, dangerous stunts or engage in illegal activities.
  • Do anything pornographic, sexually suggestive, raunchy or offensive.
  • Use any offensive language or slurs.