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We are the generation that can end smoking for good, and we’re going to have fun doing it. Join us as a Tour Rider for the Summer job of your dreams. Work from your “mobile open air office” while visiting Vans Warped Tour, Mad Decent Block Parties, Mayhem Festival, theme parks and action sports events across the nation.

This is our 15th Summer on the road and we’ll be recruiting and arming Finishers all over the country to join the fight to #FinishIt. It won’t be all fun and games, but through fun and games you’ll be helping this generation be the one to end cigarette smoking. You’ll be living on a tour bus with 8 other people while working long days and talking to more people than you have during your entire life (you’d be surprised how tiring talking can be). Rain or shine, we need the best of the best. Still interested and think you’re up for the challenge?

Applicants must be:
  • 21 years of age or older.
  • Comfortable in front of a crowd and sometimes on a microphone.
  • Able to travel from the end of May through the end of September.
Applicants Preferably Are:
  • Responsible and hard-working. There will be a lot of long days in hot weather, requiring heavy lifting and communicating with lots of people in LOUD environments.
  • Entertaining, creative, trend-setting, and passionate about issues you believe in.
  • Able to get along with other riders (you know, the other cool people like yourself that you’ll be working and living within feet of). Not a team player? This may not be for you.
  • Able to stomach the idea of living on the road (in a tightly packed tour bus) for months on end, working hot/rainy and long difficult days, all in the name of being the generation that ends smoking.

And yes, you will get paid if selected. Signing bonus? Eh, no. But you’ll also get to rock the newest truth merch and will be provided full board and accommodations (albeit largely on a tour bus...hotels on off days!).


In 2000, when truth started this journey, teen smoking was at 23%. Now it’s at 8%. We’ve made an impact, but we’re not done yet. Our goal is to get that number to zero. We’re taking a bold and unexpected approach to get there; we incite excitement and curiosity in the name of making an important cultural change. We’re agitators – which means we like to provoke – though we never talk down to people. Honesty and fairness are part of our DNA. Check out thetruth.com for more info, to enlist and to recruit your friends so that together we can Finish IT.


To become a truth® Tour Rider you’ll need to do all of the following –

* Make sure your video is complete and you have a working link to your video before you begin the application below.*

  • Fill out your contact information, attach a creative image of yourself, your resume, and provide 3 professional references.
  • Complete the questionnaire below to give us some additional insight into YOU.
  • We read A LOT of these, so convince us you want this more than the next person.
  • Submit your full application – Video via link, contact information, image of yourself, resume, references, and questionnaire.
  • Mark this day on your calendar. Or tattoo it to your hand. Just put it somewhere. Video & Questionnaire Submission Deadline: end of day, Friday, March 27, 2015.
  • Final Interviews will be held in New York, NY May 11-13. If selected to go on tour, training will be held May 14 and 15th.** You provide your own lodging and transportation for the trip. Additional details provided by email.

** You provide your own lodging and transportation for the trip. Additional details provided by email.


Create a video no longer than 3 minutes to help us get to know you better and show us how unique, creative, and talented you really are. Provide a link to your video submission from Vimeo, YouTube, or wherever you have it hosted - be sure it’s a complete and working URL. Use #tourrider2015 in any keyword areas so that we can easily find your video.

We’re trying to understand you better. We want to take a peek into your life and your environment. So, show us how unique and talented you really are. Help us learn about what’s important in your life and what interests you. Do you have a talent? Show us. Below is a list of some (not all, surprise us!) talents we are looking for in our team members. Your video is where you show us these talents. What are you waiting for?


Aside from being yourself, here are a few tips to make this assignment a little easier: Plan what you’re going to say/do. Think about your passions. Embrace your inner weirdo...then film it. Stay in the center of the screen (unless you’re showing off some skills). Speak loudly. Avoid background noise. Mistakes are cool, we’re human too. We don’t expect it to look Hollywood, and most importantly - BE CREATIVE.

We would love to hear about any unique skills or hobbies that you feel make up a portion of who you are. So if you're a social media star, musician, fashionista, or speak multiple languages, feel free to share that with us!


If you want to avoid having your submission disqualified, here are three simple things you should stay away from:

  • “Inappropriate behavior” Includes, but not limited to, you naked, any of your friends naked, or anything naked in sight of the camera. Excluding fish and cats... and catfish.
  • “Profanity” - Anything that would be bleeped on TV. We wanna assume you kiss your mother with that mouth.
  • “Offensive” - Is, well ... if you’re right for the job we don’t have to tell you. Just keep it clean, okay?
Looks like you forgot something, go back and see what's missing

Not to get all "legal" here, but by submitting this form online, you state that this application is truthful to the best of your knowledge and you agree that this application and image can’t be returned. You also agree that truth® is not under obligation to hire you or anything like that. Cool? Oh, and you also must be eligible to work in the U.S.

All fields below are required unless marked (optional)*

Full Name
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Date of Birth
Best Method of Contact
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Upload Your Photo

Please include an image of yourself that reflects who you are. Give us something fun and creative to look at while reviewing your application. Keep in mind that not being able to see YOU at all, or having no idea what we are looking at is not recommended, so no group shots, please.


Acceptable formats include .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or .BMP. The file size should be less than 5MB.
Your Resume

We're sure you've done lots of cool stuff in school and your community, have been part of awesome teams or groups, and perhaps worked at a job you appreciated. Share all that with us by uploading a copy of your resume (no more than a page please)

Acceptable formats include .DOC, .DOCX, or PDF. The file size should be less than 5MB.
Your References

Time to open up your Contacts. We need three professional references we can contact to verify the solid work you done in the past and that you are who you say you are.

Reference 1
Phone Number
Reference 2
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Reference 3
Phone Number
Your Video

Give us the link to your video submission from Vimeo/YouTube/wherever you have the video YOU created for US hosted. (Please do not send us links to a really funny/epic video you saw. Even though we love those, they're not what we're looking for here.)

Be sure it’s a complete URL, such as:
http://www.youtube.com/watch (Meaning don’t forget the http:// part!) If you have questions email riderjob@thetruth.com. Tag your video with #tourrider2015 in keyword areas to help us be extra sure we don't miss out on any videos.

Video Url
Terms & Conditions
All complete applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
How do you want to join us and help finish cig smoking for good?
Are you currently in school?
Where do you go? (optional)
What year are you in? (optional)
What is your major? (optional)
Do you have a job?
What company or organization do you currently work for? (optional)
How many hours per week do you work? (optional)
Are you free to work on the tour continually from the end of May throughout the end of August/September?
Can you hold a 15-minute conversation in any language besides English?
What skills or talents do you have that you would like to show off? (Writing about them is cool, but don’t forget to show us in your video...)
Choose as many of the following as apply to YOU:

Please give a description of your talents.
Top 5 List of Things You are Most Interested in That Best Describe You (hobbies, interests, goals, likes/dislikes, things that make you who you are).
Do your friends, classmates, co-workers and teammates consider you to be hardworking?
If Yes provide two examples of things you have done that illustrate this quality.
What is the most outrageous/adventurous thing you have ever done? (We have all done at least one of these things, and this summer you will have another one to add to the list, but first give us your best one to show us you're up for the challenge of a wild time.)
Do you think you are a trendsetter/tastemaker?
If Yes. Why? “Because” isn’t an answer. We want proof. Get creative & show us how and why you are a maven among your peers, and why while others follow, you lead, breaking the mold as you go.
One of the most important qualities of a great Tour Rider is that he or she is comfortable in front of a crowd, and rallying a crowd on a mic/stage, inspiring people to participate/join us to Finish IT. Is this you?
If Yes. Why?
You are making a playlist for the revolution to end smoking. So, what are the top 5 songs OR playlists on your Spotify/Rdio/Pandora/iTunes Radio/Songza accounts, or iPhone? Describe why these made the cut and how they make you feel.
You walk into a party where you don't know anyone.
What do you do?*

Explain (optional)
If you could start a revolution/movement/uprising around something you're passionate about, what would that be and why? (Smoking is taken. You've already joined and are helping fuel that one, so give us another.)
If you were to get a tattoo or piercing, you’d put it in a place where...

You’ve been called/would describe yourself as weird.
If True. Why?
What animal are you most like? State the animal and three traits of the animal that best describe you. This does not necessarily need to be your “spirit animal,” but can be.
Which of these statements best describes you?
Please check one of the following that applies.

If you are a social or habitual smoker, about how many cigarettes do you smoke in the average day?
Please check one of the following that applies.

Where did you hear about the truth opportunity?

If other please specify.
Have you tried or are currently using any of these products:

If you clicked any of the above, about how often do you use these products?

Anything else you want to share with us? (optional)

One click below and you’re a step closer to joining us on the Summer job of your life. You did include a link to your video submission, right? OK, good, fingers crossed and click away...

If you have any questions regarding an issue with your submission or problems submitting, please email riderjob@thetruth.com


Congrats, you're finished! Thanks for applying for the best job ever. Hopefully we'll see you on tour this summer!

Bummer. We're no longer accepting applications for this summer. Enter your email below and we'll let you know when we are (like spring of 2016). You can still follow the truth Riders all summer long on Instagram. Hope to hear from you next time.