OneRepublic sat down with truthLIVE to discuss all things 100, from vitamins to a surprising fact about hookahs.

Facts from Big Tobacco. It doesn’t get more ridiculous than this.

truth presents: Vans on the Main Stage

Rock stars have all perfected their screams. Can these fans out do them?

Fuse TV's truth Warped Roadies

Newlywed truth crew member, Lindsay, and her husband/Warped Roadie, Mike, get a “cooler” opportunity to show each other some love at the Vans Warped Prom, which was featured on Fuse TV!

Our iPad octopus/amazing researcher, Becky, takes a break from poppin’ quizzes (er, surveys…) and evaluating truth on tour to tell Fuse TV about life on Vans Warped Tour…wherever tour is.

truth’s DJ JDayz keeps it rocking. He let Fuse TV know what keeps him motivated in the truth truck all summer long at Vans Warped Tour.

Always ready for a sweaty summer, truth crew member, Jon C gets personal and shows Fuse TV how he brings energy and a boatload of tobacco-related knowledge to the truth zone at Vans Warped Tour.

On Vans Warped Tour, Kendra’s on a mission: Make a difference. She tells Fuse TV how truth apparel makes more than a fashion statement.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss something crazy! Fuse TV captured Russ, a stuntman/risk-taker, bringing his high-energy flips and turns to the truth zone at Vans Warped Tour.

Check out some truth crew 101 to see how we keep the zone poppin’ on Vans Warped Tour. Manager Scotty is always ready for crowds and back-flipping truth crew members, and he tells Fuse TV how he plans ahead.


Remixers of the Sunny Side of truth

Kaskade joins forces with truth and talks music.

Diplo: On making music and working with truth.

The fellas from “Cobra Starship” talk music and collaborating with truth.

DJ Spooky’s epic mashup with truth.

truthLIVE Performers

truthLIVE hit the road with OneRepublic and TeamMate for our 2013 tour. Coming soon, we'll have live performances, an exclusive interview and more.

OneRepublic sat down with truthLIVE to discuss all things 100, from vitamins to a surprising fact about hookahs.

Cobra Starship sits down with our intrepid interviewer Piddy Cat to talk snakes, farts, space travel and much more.

Outasight sits down with Cas to talk monikers, chee-hawks, and more.

Punk Rock Bands

We pull out the truth behind Forever the Sickest Kid's name. Hint: It's rooted in graffiti.

Bert of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk crashed the truth tour bus to tell us all about his favorite tour food: Vitamins.

This Texas-based soul band brought their “finger-licking” tunes to the Vans Warped Tour stage.

truth rider Callie interviews Pennywise during the Vans Showcase at SXSW.

Fuse put together a pretty cool video about the time Mike Posner hung out with us at Warped Tour. Listen to him talk about what he has in common with other Warped acts and guess where his biggest crowd was.

With more than 300 hours of film shot during the 2010 Vans Warped tour, No Room For Rock Stars documents the true stories of modern era rock and roll from every possible angle.

Hard Rock Bands

We sat down with Adelitas Way to see if they could correctly fill in the blank. These were their best (and funniest) efforts.

From dietary quirks to worst habits. We asked “P.O.D” questions no one else thought to ask. Check it out.

This is how the pros do it. “Mindset Evolution” answer questions about life on tour, about keeping their sanity and their voice. Watch and learn.

We asked the band “In this moment” how they would prep for a doomsday scenario and they gave us the straight dope. Check it.

What’s metal without a full-throated scream. We asked the guys from “Shinedown” how they prep to scream their faces off on tour. Here’s what they had to say.

Life on tour ain’t all that easy. We asked the guys from Papa Roach some tough questions, you know about laundry, food and here’s their response.

truth’s Lindsay sits down with two members of Adelitas Way to talk about life on tour and what mythical creatures they believe in.


The Underdog Stage

This soulful performance of “Ambulance” on a porch at SXSW needed no assistance to stay cool. Check out the video and see for yourself.

TOY hangs with truth on a mound of dirt at SXSW and plays their song “Ghost”.

truthLIVE Playlist

truthLIVE presents... Best Beating Heart by Sing It Loud

truthLIVE presents...Things That Rhyme With Orange by I Set My Friends On Fire

truthLIVE presents... Situations by Escape the Fate

Motion City Soundtrack - Worker Bee (Live from VWT)

Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet (Live from VWT)

Motion City Soundtrack - A Life Less Ordinary (Need a Little Help) (Live from VWT)